Estate Sale

If you’ve inherited a property, you probably have many questions. How much is owed on the property? How much is it worth? What’s the process for an heir to gain ownership? What if there is no will? Our Homeowner Advocates will work with you to get the answers you need. We also offer our No Red Tape Program. The program gets cash into the hands of heirs who want to sell their inherited property. Most closings can be conducted virtually and in under 2 weeks. The Program provides qualified heirs a probate waiver to avoid long and costly surrogate court proceedings. In the unlikely event we are unable to obtain a probate waiver, heirs may qualify for Legal Assistance to cover court costs. There’s no commission, properties can be sold with or without tenants, and in any condition. If your loved one passed without a will, you may also qualify for this program. To learn more about your options and other assistance available, speak with a Homeowner Advocate.
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