Short Sale

Short Sales are for homeowners who want to sell their property but owe more than the property is worth. A short sale is considered the most valuable alternative to foreclosure for homeowners in danger of losing their homes. Through our program homeowners do not have a foreclosure appear on their credit report, are not subject to a public auction, avoid eviction, move substantially on their own terms and walkaway owing nothing.
Relocation is critical to a successful short sale for homeowners and/or tenants who occupy the property. Even the thought of relocating can be physically and emotionally draining. As if that is not enough, many times there are challenges such as, credit score, money, location, pets, and timing. That’s where the Sunshine State Homeowner Advocates’ Relocate Program comes in. Through the program, your Homeowner Advocate will work with you and a Relocation Specialist experienced in helping homeowners with prior foreclosure challenges. Together you’ll create an overall relocation strategy to fit your specific needs.
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